Thursday, April 25, 2013

6Amanda Santos submits Andrey

Andrey is a Russian photographer who is one of the few architecture photographers that I enjoy, and he is also a gifted digital artist as he is able to manipulate photographs into surreal imagery. The following images are architectural images he took in Moscow, Russia.
The image to the left is a beautifully captured image of Hotel Ukraina, with the contrast of the dark shadow coming from the clouds, to the soft hew of the sun setting/rising opposite of the clouds.
 The image to the right is one of his digital creations titled Moscow Tram, and what i find fascinating about this image is his ability to take a photograph, create this life that pops out at you more so than the photo did before.

I have always been a fan of digital artists, especially those who can manipulate a photo to look like this, where it looks more like a digital painting than anything else. I appreciate the time that goes into these pieces, and the planning that goes into capturing these photos. To get that kind of natural lighting, the artists had to have studied the lighting in the city through out the day to know where to be at what time to get the best shot.

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