Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jessica Tosado submits Cristina Otero blog#2

Cristina Otero Pascual is a female artist from Spain, best known for her self-portraits. I enjoy any photos of the body that are shot close up because I feel that it's more personal and more intimate to the viewer. I love what she does to her photos, adding contrast and making particular sections such as the eyes pop. I do believe that our eyes are entryways to our soul thus I feel very connected to Cristina Otero’s self-portraits. To me, they are so intimate that it’s as if, regardless of the content, she delivered the photo directly to me herself. I browsed through her blog and I appreciated that she comes off as a very nice, down to earth person. She has a slight gap in her teeth. I have never before thought of a tooth gap as beautiful or aesthetically pleasing, until now. She grits her teeth in some photos with such confidence in her gorgeous face. I enjoy that she captures herself in different “roles” and uses color that enhance each piece. Her works are fun and youthful.

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