Tuesday, April 23, 2013

7 - Amanda Schweizer submits Doug Gardner

Wildlife photographer Doug Gardner is famous for his TV show on PBS, "Wild Photo Adventures."  What I appreciate about Doug is that he is not only a great photographer, but he chooses to share his skills and tips with the rest of the world.  His shows are entertaining, informative, and inspiring, prodding the viewer to get off the couch, grab their camera, and take a hike!  I have always felt there is natural beauty everywhere if you just look for it.  Doug shows you how to capture it.  Part of the fun of his shows is that he goes the extra mile for the perfect shot, allowing the viewer to share in the hours of sitting in the mud being eaten by mosquitoes for a great shot of a duck.  Here are a few of his images to familiarize you with his work:

Images from Doug Gardner's website, Totally Outdoors Imaging, Inc.:  http://www.totallyoutdoorsimaging.com/imagegallery.html

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