Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clarissa Gutierrez submits Frank Gehry

As you may noticed I am thrilled about architecture. Sometimes I don't even know what I am doing in Art School but my architectural instinct took me to discover other worlds full of culture and diversity that goes along pretty well with art . And, since we are getting to that point, I can 't help to talk about the magnificent architect Frank Gehry. Not only recognized for his  "doodle-like" drawings that makes you think "Oh, I can draw that", or his objects that reflects organic shapes, but for his massive buildings that takes citizen's space.
His eccentric designs goes from a country to another. My favorite element is the reaction that citizens had from being around these creations for example, the Guggenheim Museum of Art in Bilbao, Spain, has has served as an icon to the basque city that revived his decayed city spirit. Bilbao is one of the oldest european cities remarkable for its industrial aspect. Within the years, "Bilbo" was decaying and loosing all of his reputation. Gehry's design helped as a notorious part of the city planning in order to uplift the city's significance. My fascination for the particular space in which city planners and Gehry agreed to placed the Guggenheim Museum comes from the city contrast of the industrial aspect that the city maintains to the bulky modern building.
Another design that I would've to add is the "dancing house" in Prague, which I could say is the responsible for my focus on architectural space and the interaction that has with people's perception. 
Another building that i relate my focus in my work is the Stata Center which brings the human perception of buildings and the different angles one look at whenever one is admiring a building.
     "I think the blurring of the lines between art and architecture has got to happen"….Frank Gehry

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