Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kat Fisher presents Sandra Klein

The Caress
Sandra Klein is based in Los Angeles, California. She works as a photographer and a printmaker. Her recent series Stitched Self-Portraits are images of Klein that she has then hand stitched poetry onto the skin in the print. Not only does the sewing element add a three-dimensional quality to the image, it also elevates these images to a more powerful place. The images deal with emotions about loneliness and aging. Klein hopes that images create visual poems that will evoke universal emotions. The words that are embroidered onto the page are from poems that Klein feels speak to the issues she is exploring. 

In My Garden
The images that Sandra Klein has created certainly communicate ideas about loneliness and aging as she hopes that they will. I appreciate the embroidery into the print. When first looking at these images I couldn’t tell if the text was done in the computer or if it was done by hand afterwards. Viewing these prints in person would certainly be a better way to judge the work. I am not sure how I feel about the backgrounds of these images. Having something more than a black background is certainly interesting in these photos, but I don’t really feel the connection between the patterning or scenery in the background and her figure. In most images see a big disconnect, possibly due to the editing the images undergo. In the image In My Garden the pattern in the background works better, but that is because some of the shapes are actually on the skin as well. A greater connection of all of the elements in the images would really help this work. 

The Loneliness

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