Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kat Fisher submits Daniel W. Coburn

In Daniel W. Coburn’s series Domestic Reliquary he uses the salted paper process to reproduce a series of found objects and photographs. This series is a way to explore Coburn’s own dark family narrative. “A complicated relationship with my family, and an immersive, cult-like experience with an evangelical Christian church resulted in my loss of spiritual and domestic faith. My work relates specifically to these personal struggles and explores the quiet suffering that occurs within the perimeter of a family unit living under the auspices of the ideal American dream.So it is fitting that this process is being used because it uses household chemicals that combine to make the paper light sensitive. Coburn says “The imperfections and technical artifacts of the process allow me to simultaneously deconstruct and repair the image. This method is cathartic and has become a metaphor for my own personal healing process. By working into each print using a variety of mixed media, I create a series of one-of-a-kind domestic artifacts.”

These images are incredibly intriguing. I love the surreal nature of some of the photographs which incorporate alternative photographic processes and what I assume to be printmaking techniques as well as physical manipulation of the paper. By making these additions as the image is created, Coburn is creating more and more layers of depth and meaning to this work. Visually, this series is very inspiring.

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