Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jessica Tosado submits Gordon Parksl #10

Gordon Parks was an African American photographer and he is famous for his photographic essays for Life magazine. In the beginning of his photography career, he moved from job to job and developed a freelance in portraiture and fashion photography. He started to capture through images the city's black ghetto. 

In the 1940's, Parks rejuvenated his search for a photography career when he got into the fashion world. The Vogue editor hired him to shoot a collection of evening gowns regardless of all the racism there was back then. Parks photographed fashion for Vogue for the next couple years and he made the distinctive style of photographing his models in motion rather than them in a pose. Also during this time, he published his first two books about flash photography and Principles of Documentary Portraiture.

I appreciate his work because he was another black man that beat the odds and has the documentation to prove it in history.

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