Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clarissa Gutierrez submits David Hockney

My old times favorite artist is characteristic for his depictions of typical landscape, alteration of the human form, and deconstruction and manipulation of photographic medias. I am referring nothing more and nothing less than the master, David Hockney.
His appropriation of any kind of media that can be useful to create art, ranging from painting to newly artifacts, speaks of his high quality  speaks of the high quality of artist who shares his talent with all spectators. 
Although many would seem Hockney outdated, he has been a great inspiration in the creation of my work, aesthetically speaking.
Most of Hockney's works had been created based on grids and different perspectives from all angles. Either the movement of the subject of the camera, Hockney captures the human perceptions and interactions within the space and the subject wether this latest is in the composition or as part of the process.
He started with polaroids to create his "joiners" or  photo collages to create compositions. Even though Hockney technique has been categorized as cubism, the British painter emphasized to always use the modern life as his base line.
Hockney has been my first inspiration of discovering human perspective and their interaction with landscape and architectural spaces.
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