Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sheridan O'Neal submits Henrick Knudsen

Henrick Knudsen
Henrik's work often has a narrative content and is increasingly influenced by film and cinema. When he is not working on editorial and advertising commissions, Henrik travels widely, working on personal photographic projects. Recent projects have taken him all over Europe and back to his native Denmark. His images are of landscapes and people are usually placed in as a footnote or afterthought to the composition. It appears to show the frailty of man and insignificance in relation to the power and enduring features of the land. Then in other pieces of work focus mainly on the person in this setting and conveys a lot of emotion through each figure. His main series of work are “Meet me in the morning”, “The North Country”, and “Unfinished Journey”. Henrick experiments with how lighting can affect an image through his different series. “Meet me in the morning” focuses on isolated lighted situations with darkness surrounding and blacking out the image. 

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