Wednesday, April 24, 2013

3Amanda Santos submits Oleksandr Hnatenko
 Oleksandr Hnatenko

Originally from Zolochiv, Ukraine, he now lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He showcases his imaginative ideas, and constructs them into these surreal moments.

This image to the left I found hilarious, even the artist spoke about how it brought a giggle out of everyone involved when trying to get those shopping trollys into that room.
I appreciate the fact that the artist will physically create these spaces, create an atmosphere for the photograph, and bring to life his ideas. The technical skill is one to speak of, his choice in shooting with a wide angle lens gives him freedom of space for his photographs, and (in my opinion) is preferable for this kind of image.
TV in my head

This next image by Hnatenko to the right made me question his intent, he posts a blog about this piece along with the rest of the series "TV in my head", and the fact that he just came upon this site after picking up his suit from the cleaners makes me love it even more, because, it was not preplanned, it was spontaneous!

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