Friday, April 12, 2013

Jessica Tosado submits Mark Shaw blog #5

Mark Shaw was an American photographer for Life magazine. His photographs are very glamorous and elude elegance. What I like most about these particular samples of his photography are that they are timeless. The black and white photos are simple and so is the dress. I enjoy the repeated female in different positions. I feel disconnected from her emotionally because her face is not shown. I do not think that is a negative thing because the dress is compelling and makes my eyes explore the photo. I forget about the person and focus more on the dress and the beauty it creates with line on the human form. Though I "forget" about the women because she hides her face, I imagine her as a respectable, sophisticated, and wealthy individual. The model he chose is perfect for society's version on "glamorous."Her slenderness adds to the timeless look. I think had he chose a full figured woman and took the same poses, I wouldn't have felt like it was timeless photography. I'm not sure why...

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