Tuesday, April 23, 2013

8 - Amanda Schweizer submits Ian Plant

Ian Plant is a world-renowned nature photographer and is published in many books, calendars, and websites.  His photographs are, at times, unearthly in their unbelievable splendor.  His expert eye for capturing magical moments from just the right angle is unique.  His "dreamscapes"are at a quality level a novice can only yearn for with their excellent use of light and unbelievable composition.  He leaves the shutter open just long enough to capture motion and create a sense of mystique.

Dreamscape is an surreal display of nature's beauty.

The Lonely Shore captures an East Coast sunrise as a magical moment,
as the dawn bursts to life.

Sunrise Garden is another image that makes my inner photographer
want to go for a pre-dawn hike in search of a beautiful sunrise
shot in a grand natural setting.

Images from Ian Plant's website:  www.ianplant.com

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