Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clarissa Gutierrez submits Isabel M. Martinez

Isabel M. Martinez is a Chilean artist that currently lives in Toronto, Canada where she is continues to develop as an artist. The use of horizon lines and distortions found in her images by layering techniques have provoke me to continue to research about her works. 
Distortions and manipulation of her newest works are a very good example of her passion for layers. She takes two similar images that could be two different subjects or the same differing from lapses of time. She captures both images and places them together creating eye movement, distortion in perspective and allows the viewer to continues the correspondent image, portraying a happening or event. This project remind me of our site visit to SAC.
The project "Horizon" is another example of her use of layers that I found related to my piece Horizon (if you ever happen to see it). Martinez' manipulation of transparency opacity and layering leads to a 3 dimensional piece that captures a whole scenario presenting it into landscape format (my personal favorite).
According to the artist, she is "interested in the aspects of experience where the real, the known, and the imagined collide. Perception is a recurring theme within my practice, and has become a foundation for me to explore ideas that reflect on notions of time, space, simultaneity and duration." (

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