Tuesday, April 23, 2013

6 - Amanda Schweizer submits Cain Pascoe

A young fine art photographer from New South Wales, Australia, Cain Pascoe has succeeded in capturing the beauty of his homeland to share with the world.  His traveling determination and photographic style further inspire me to capture the beauty of my own country.  His bold use of light and color are breathtaking in some of his images.  His ability to travel all over Australia capture the natural beauty is something I envy, as Australia is on my bucket list of places to go.

Mirror Lake is my favorite Cain Pascoe image. The use of light, 
reflection, natural beauty, and the tranquil composition simply speak 
to me.  It is moments like this that make all the hours of hiking with a load
of photographic equipment on your back worth every second of the trip.

 Canyon Lagoon is a glimpse of a moment during a hike in the 
Australian Outback that any nature-loving American would envy.
My interest in Geology is revealed as I study the rock formations
as much as the surrounding beauty.

 Country Moonrise could be a scene in west Texas, but it's the 
other side of the world in Australia's Outback, where cattle
ranching is as much of a way of life as it is here.

 Starry Shepherd captures something everyone can
appreciate... the Milky Way.  What a fantastic display
of the millions of stars in our galaxy!

Watonga Splendor sets the mood for a sunset walk on the beach
with the waves lapping at your toes.  The soft beauty and solitude 
of this deserted beach creates a serene or tranquil mood.

This untitled image is pure fun with light.  It is such a beautiful 
display of firefall in an environment ruled by water.

Images from Cain Pascoe Fine Art Photography website:  http://www.cainpascoe.com.au/index.html

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