Thursday, April 25, 2013

Melissa Tristan

Shinichi Maruyama

This photographer has expanded the way the human body has been displayed.  He uses a technique of digital files consisting over thousands of layers creating an individual image relating to such movement that becomes surreal in the mind.  I chose this artist because it inspires me to learn the movement and such relations to dance, which is a love and hobby of mine. These images are actually nude which gives it that feel of pure and naturally true to our own being in life.  I admire Maruyama for the way he thought this through to go well with his concept with the way a person's presence in life is connected as he says.

This is something I have thought of in a different perspective with dance and its motion in the movements our bodies can create and Maruyama is a source I will definately be looking back on for an influence to this idea.

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