Thursday, April 25, 2013

4Amanda Santos submits Jaime Ibarra

 This image to my left is from a series titled Dreams, now I know everyone has done the stereotypical "dream photography", but I think conceptually this one takes the cake. Photographer Jaime Ibarra, has captured photos that even I could not dream up, pardon the pun. As he states, "my style is the visual amalgamation of these things" claiming to have a very hyper active imagination, which is undeniable. Again here is an artist that creates an atmosphere, and obsesses over these characters he sees in his mind, and brings them to reality.


The images to the right are also from the Dream series, which enhance this surreal reality he has created. The black and white portrait has a strong contrast from the harsh graphics of the texture at play in the image, but there is a softness that is introduced by the models facial expression. The same look of serene you see in the second model in the scene with the butterflies. Also from Dreams I feel these images are the right way to go about "dream photography" there is a surreal feel to them, and a playfulness that you see in the rest of the Dreams exhibition.

His skills in lighting I would say are spot on, as well, his choice of scenery/back drop always suits his ideal images. Jaime Ibarra is a photographer who has a keen sense of what he's after in an image, and if he can't find it, he will simply create it, til it is brought to life.

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