Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kat Fisher submits Jennifer Shaw

Jennifer Shaw’s project The Space Between is a series about childhood and about the complexities of being a parent. Talking about this project, Shaw says “While my two sons and their circle of friends navigate the playgrounds of their world, I watch with camera poised, balanced between protection and permission. Motherhood is the hardest job I have ever had. Photography allows me to embrace the chaos and connect with my children. As they explore the elements with carefree abandon, I marvel at their intensity and document them in all their wild glory. These images chronicle the adventure, traversing the spaces between shadow and light, delight and despair, dreams and reality.”
 Mason on Deck

The images from this series are beautifully nostalgic to me. There is a timeless quality about some of the images, especially Mason on Deck. This could be anyone’s family, anyone’s child. These images of carefree innocence are not always enough for me. Images like Back Door and Handare more interesting to me because there is enough information to make out a place and a figure, but there is not too much information so that I am able to create my own ideas about the images. 

 Back Door


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