Friday, April 12, 2013

Jessica Tosado submits Isabel Munoz blog#3

Isabel Muñoz is a Spanish female photographer. She expresses movement in her works by capturing different type of dances and activities from different cultures. I think her photo pieces are like her own dance. They are both expressive and moving, showing us only what she wants us to see while still delivering motion. The arm shown above is one of her photos. Although the only thing showing is part of an arm, the tilt with erect fingers and extreme decorative sleeve make it festive and alive. I appreciate that she uses the human body to send us messages of sensuality and movement. She used to dance ballet as a child and would watch her parents dance when she was young. Platinum printing is her speciality, so i bet she has a high level of patience. I enjoy the color of her photos because they give sensuality and elegance.

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