Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Melissa Tristan

Jane Fulton

Although I could not find an official website for this artist that tells me a more elaborate background but her series of images that I found are interesting to humanity.  This got my attention because I been very interested in using the body with art and the general topic of anxiety.  These images made me think of this because they seem to show a suffocated person in each trapped in this material.  This was a concept I have been working on for a while and this was a individuality that I had not seen.

I started looking at the rest and compared my idea and realized that these seem much to settle to deal with a concept in a helpless way.  I became to visualize a human being soon to be born imagery.



The second one here is set up in a unique way with her hands holding what looks to be an egg. This creates a questionable environment as to what Fulton was really trying to portray.  Then again this is why her images are powerful and stressful to what the meaning is behind them.  I see many that are possibilities and with the very settle lighting that was used does not interfere with her main focus of the models and foggy material that is bubbling them.

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