Wednesday, April 24, 2013

David Finell submits Dietmar Eckell

          Dietmar Eckell is a photographer who uses his skills to preserve the relics of the cold war.  These images contain a wealth of emotion, nostalgia, and curiosity for those who remember those tumultuous times.  Fore those who are too young to remember, the fate of the world was held in the balance of East vs. West, The Soviet Union vs. The United States.  Times were simpler back then.  We had an easily identifiable “enemy.”  We knew where they were.  And we followed, what could be argued, a successful campaign of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).  This doctrine allowed us to survive these decades of stress.  One of the best things that could be said for those times is that they were more predictable than today.

          The relics so skillfully captured in these images are largely defensive, but some have offensive overtones.  The shots of abandoned conveyances bring forth questions galore.  Were there any survivors?  How long did the rescue take? What caused the crash or breakdown?  Do these empty shells have souls?...

            The subject matter makes the art in Dietmar Eckell’s work.  I hope that you find your own questions and take time to explore his haunting imagery.

More of his work can be viewed here:

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