Friday, April 19, 2013

Sheridan O'Neal submits Guy Tillim

Tillim is a south african photographer who began his career shooting during the apartheid, war, and other political and social events. His earlier work focuses on photojournalism and is best viewed in his many books that he has authored. He began as a member of the photocollective Afropix and worked freelance in South Africa for local and foreign media. Later on in his career, he began to shoot the more subtle, quiet, and stillness of scenes while still focusing on the social and natural challenges in Africa. For example, during a election rally he would take a picture of the congo river or the fists in the air with a tree composing most of the image. He uses these moments of repose as the theme of his work and shows the quietude of a war torn part of the world which is in high contrast to traditional photojournalism. I think his photography accomplishes this very well through his compositions and lighting effects. He successfully shows the beauty of the situation through the quiet and subtle compositions of his photos. I think his work has been important in documenting a lot of Africa’s history and show the rest of the world his view of the events that are occurring. 

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