Thursday, April 25, 2013

Clarissa Gutierrez submits Sachiyo Nishimura

    My work has been always influenced by formal elements such as line and color leading to a more graphical experience. And by graphical I don not mean straight forward since I also prefer to encourage the viewer to find their own meaning. during my search for the qualities mentioned above I found the artist Sachiyo Nishimura, born in Chile, who shares the same fascination of finding in every existing thing the graphic and linear references.
     As far the artist's process Nishimura utilize every media that allows to manipulate a picture. As artists the chilean photographer shares the same fascination of medias such as photocopy, a media where an image can be reproduced and you can manipulate the contrast and the size of the original image. The manipulations and repetitive imagery leads to collage-looking compositions on which every single image matches and its related to the others, working together as a whole.
     Although Nishimura finds film cameras and darkroom strategies fascinated, she prefers digital media which is more within her grasp. However, se combines both medias and digitally edit them in order to have her final results.
It is not only about getting the right picture at the first time but to be able to see a final product as a result of all the different imagery combined into a single whole. "The original shot is not as important as the post-production work, and very little of the original shot is seen in the final work, as I usually manipulate and re-construct the image to a certain point that it becomes something completely different." "I’m shooting and I never attempt to capture a “unique moment” as documentary photography does. My work is more about the plasticity of the photographic image from an artistic approach, so my photography style would be something like artistic-plastic-photography,"  the artist shares with eighteen 39. ( )

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