Thursday, April 25, 2013

6-Heather Dunn submits Chris Jordan

    Chris Jordan is a photographer and activist based in Seattle.  His work focuses on the amount of products that are consumed by humans. In his series “Intolerable Beauty” he has documented the large quantities of items that have been used by people, such as cell phones, computer parts, and crushed cars. Seeing the large amount of one item is shocking and makes one think about the amount of objects they have used so far in their lifetime.  Another series of his entitled “Midway” is focused on the death of many Albatross in a cluster of islands called Midway Atoll.  He photographs decomposing corpses of baby albatross who have been fed pieces of trash, which their parents mistake for food.  These striking images show the devastating effects of the worlds pollution problem. His work brings up many issues that our environment is facing, challenging the viewer to think about their impact on the world. 

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