Thursday, April 11, 2013

Raina Matar by Fabiola Barragan

Rainia Matar

She was fascinated as her 15-year old daughter transformed into a complete stranger from the little girl she had raised. She watched as her daughters friends performed in front of each other, hiding behind smiles. She decided to photograph each girls in her bedroom, what she considers an extension of the girl.

She started with friend of her daughters and daughters of her friends. Eventually she stopped girls in the steer to see whether they’d be willing to be a part of this book project, set to publish this May.
She sees a similarity between the girls and a contrast in their rooms. One girl told Matar that she keeps her room clean because that’s how she wishes her life could be.

The project made Matar more understanding and tolerant. It even made her willing to give her own daughter some space. She hopes others can view it in a similar way.

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