Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Melissa Tristan

Dan Kosmayer

Dan Kosmayer is a photographer that enjoys the scenery that mother nature provides to us.  He has been awarded and showcased in numerous exhibits and awards such as Roho Photo Gallery.  Kosmayer seems to be interested in a up close and personal concept.  His photographs are mysterious and emotion, which is what caught my eye.  One in particular is "Venice Wooden Door" because it is very intimate that draws me in with a interest of wanting to go up to this door.  Another type of photography he does are more abstract with passion to coney something.  Such work consists of two that have been chosen in specific awards.  "Red Row Boat" and "Tree in Rock" are some of the artwork.  These two pieces contains such beauty that can reflect a deep meaning to it.  For the first one mentioned, the angle of the half boat is abstracted in where it blends along in texture with the wall that contains a structure of paint that possibly could that relates to the same way the boat is along with the colors in both images. As for Tree in Rock, I get a sense of emotion that lies deep into what the carved text on the tree says.  This seems personal to the trunk specifically, possible that the love is rock solid, in reality the love for the people names. Dan Kosmayer's landscapes are very beautiful in a dramatic yet settle way where there is still an effect that occurs with the viewer to think of the imagery.  This is why I have an interest in his photography.  He does not limit himself to just one and he likes to let the viewer of his work to be able to create an imagination of their suspense in the photographs.

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