Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Lauren Pai Submits John Chervinsky

John Chervinsky is a self-taught photographer and an engineer in applied physics. His work consists mainly of still lifes with an interested painting of a portion of the photograph. He is interested in exploring time and how it effects us. For each photograph, he has a set process to complete the image which is:
1. photograph still life
2. crop a section of the image and send it to a painting factory in China
3. wait for the anonymous painter to send back the cropped painting
4. insert the painting into the image and reshoot

His work is very methodical and it clearly demonstrates the different passages on time once you realize that that part of the image took less than a second to create, and another part took weeks, if not, months to create. Essentially, all the time it took to capture a single fraction of time is lost after the final image is produced because you do not see his time consuming process in the end.

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