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1Amanda Santos submits deviantart Photographers

I feel that some great photographers are often over looked in the world, but fortunately I am part of a community where artists can feature their work, and offer solid helpful critiques. is an online community of artist and art-lovers, in which you can exhibit over 250 million artist on your computer, or exhibit your own work before considering submitting it to a gallery show. I've come to know many great photographers, and have received great tips and critiques from artist around the globe. I wish to share these fellow artist with you, and help you gain an insight to their creativity.
 Lucien Wittwer
An amateur photography student from Switzerland, his unique and eclectic collection of photographs showcase his originality, and experimentation when it comes to portraiture. His ability to capture and manipulate his images to what he envisions them is impressive in my eyes, his series Portrait Concept, has a wide arrange of portraits which are not necessarily "candid beauty shots". This image above titled "Silent" can be perceived as a stance for freedom of speech, in our society today we're often told what we can or can not say, but still have a choice in the matter, where as in other countries, you're voice is almost never heard. The beauty in this image is the crispness in the quality, and this engaging subject matter that encompasses the viewer when you view it. He creates this haunting light effect, and captures shadows that still show detail and are not lost in the lack of lighting on the right side of the image. 
 Link for image:

Grown Ups
Felicia Simion
A professional photographer from Romania, has been capturing moments behind the camera as long as she can remember. Her belief is that photography is bigger than oneself, and shows that in her beautifully captured images, which range from breath taking landscapes, to fierce portraits, to lovely simple candid's, such as this photo to the left. It's title "Grown Ups" is fitting, for it plays on that theory that children tend to act more mature, than most adults who can't seem to break away from acting like children. I also perceive it as that the child holds its own independence, and can't wait to grow up and become somebody. I would consider her as one of my favorite street photographers-
Preserve Your Memories

another great shot from Simion is the image to the right, titled "Preserve Your Memories", this woman was a stranger to Simion, but just a few words tug at Simion heart about this woman's life, and she felt the need to capture the look on this woman's face as she spoke. This image alone demonstrates this woman's ups and downs, and the quality of the imagery is outstanding! The detail is not lost in the natural light, and the choice of black and white I believe is appropriate, however, I am curious as to see what colors this woman was branding that day.
Artist link:

Nostalgic Amnesia - Abandonment
Jason Rydquist
A professional photographer in the U.S. his photographs feature places he's found and photographed around the United States, and his most favored series, is the Abandonment series. He goes to find abandon property and captures what he believes to be the memories left behind by those who once occupied the area. The image to the left is titled "Nostalgic Amnesia", he goes on to describe this image as "To me, this image best speaks what I want to say through documenting old homes. Here you have a young man who's gone to his room to reflect on this thoughts. The man has since moved on...and abandoned his home. But decades later, a part of soul is that same room, longing to escape bad memories. Or maybe he longs for the security of happy memories.

We think that old abandoned buildings are haunted by spirits trying to scare us out, but it's really these places in which we used to live that haunt us."
J. Rydquist. His images are beautifully photographed in my opinion, and his use of natural lighting is a favorable choice by his fellow artist. The quality of the photograph is excellent, and his use of models to "portray" these "spirits" left behind I think pulls the piece together. In some of his other photos in the series he does not use a live model, but either uses furniture still on the property, or brings in something as simple as lilacs for a kitchen to bring life back into the forgotten homes. 
Link to the image:

I really hope you come to enjoy these artist as much as I do, and I hope you will go explore what deviantart has to offer, as I said there are over 250 million artist that are just waiting for your critiques, and many art-lovers would enjoy an art discussion with you on the many forums. I hope to feature more artist from the online community, and entertain you with their artwork. 

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