Thursday, April 11, 2013

Maria Sardari a Young photograoher by Fabiola Barragan

Maria Sardari

Is a 15 year old girl. She wanted an iPod for Christmas but her mother insisted that she get a camera instead.
She never took photography classes, and never took photography seriously. She devotes herself to take pictures every day for a year and learned as she went along.
She shares her images on Flirk, developed a following online and engaged with people around the world.
Last year, she attended a workshop in New York run by photographer Brooke Shaden, one of her idols.
Recently she sold a print to Greg Silverman, production president of Warner Bros Pictures.
She took dance lessons and art classes when she was younger, but photography came naturally for her, in a way that painting and drawing never did.
Her photos are often inspired by Renaissance art and surrealism. Like Caravaggio and Rembrandt among her influences.
At the beginning she took pictures of herself. Now her friends offer to stand in as models, wearing vintage dresses that she picks up at stores.
Most of her shoots takes place in a forest or fields near her home. After that she pulls the images into Photoshop to enhance the colors and lighting, or to edit out a prop to make it look like the subject is floating in air.

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