Sunday, April 7, 2013

Melissa Tristan

Bill Schwab
Bill Schwab has been around the art world since he was very young when his father presented him with a gift of photography. He taught himself darkroom skills and took advantage of the curriculum at his high school. He then got his Bachlors in Fine Arts in photography and graphic design. He kept his way in the fine arts but also in commercial as he learned in New York to be able to have a stable financial living.

As I viewed his work, specifically his collodion plates, I admire the thought he puts into them. They are very settle to me and very natural. He seems to play with lighting in a more emotional aspect dealing with an atmospheric composition in these as well as his other art work. Schwab is someone I would definitely recommend as a photographer for inspiration. He has a style that catches my eye making something as simple as the vase containing a feather have such beauty. He creates beautiful landscapes as well in his prints that have such contrast in a deep feel of emotion.

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