Monday, April 8, 2013

Lauren Pai Submits Anastasia Cazabon

Love and Rivalry is a series of images created by Anastasia Cazabon about her adolescent years. The artist explains in her work that, "Relationships with other girls are also critical and these friendships are often fleeting yet intense; feelings of love, envy and rivalry pervade adolescent female companionship. These friendships are also marked by polar swings of emotion – one day encompassing cruelty and the next kindness."

I like the way she replicates her memories in her images by using objects that may have been close to her or some one she loves, or that she actually replicates the events that happened in her younger years. the natural lighting and the setting of the old house adorned with old porcelain trinkets and lace covered tables, and the way she composed her subjects to be partially out of the frame. The images are very feminine, but they also carry a violent undertone.  


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