Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sheridan O'Neal submits Emmet Gowin

Gowin’s first body of work was focused on his family and their interactions with another. Then, he moved to including their environment and their relationship with it as well. He photographed his wife and family as a growth or record of their interactions. In his later work, he photographs landscapes and aerial shots. His aerial shots focused on landscapes that had been damaged by man in someway to show the tension between the beauty of the land and destruction.  I appreciate how interesting the photos of his family are and how the different figures engage with each other and the composition. They create stimulating questions for the viewer of how a family should interact and the feelings that accompany each relationship. Its a common subject but portrayed in a different way. However, I think his images of the landscapes and aerial shots are more successful as a body of work. His photographs create a lot visually through the composition of the lines and textures of the land. They become almost painterly in the abstract forms and movement that is created in the image. 

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