Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sheridan O'Neal submits Thomas Ruff

All of Ruff’s work has been interpreted to have a deeper commentary on sociocultural. However, he believes his words are focused on aesthetics and process. Some of his photographed subjects include empty domestic interiors, appropriated interplanetary images, pop imagery, abstractions of modernist architecture, and obscured pornography. I think his most interesting series is based on pornography that he produced in 2003. He uses highly sexual images from internet porn then pushes them so far to subdue the palette and diminish the resolution so that the images become only suggestions.The photographs loose all of the implications and innuendos placed on them by society’s crude fascination. They become art and the beauty of the figure instead. The blurring of the photograph creates a painterly aspect and can also be a commentary on society’s obscured view of what sex or the human body should or should not represent.    

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