Tuesday, August 12, 2014

02 Randi Medina- Derek Gores

Derek Gores is a Florida based artist who creates portrait collages out of magazines, labels, and other recycled paper products. His work is very appealing to me because it evokes this idea of order and beauty out of a huge chaotic collection of paper- a disposable, everyday wasteful product. Gores truly has an eye for selecting a vast array of color in his works. He has a masterful way of making these collages appear very lose and unplanned, having a very spontaneous movement yet, making up intricate beautiful figures full of color and life.

A famous work by Gores is called Love and Only Love. This piece was created in response to gay rights. In this image, Gores constructs portraits of his sister, her wife and their daughter having a picnic. Every piece of paper in the work is taken from anti-gay hate speech. This sends a powerful message of what gay people face on a day to day basis just trying to live in love. It is a very personal and honest work that is so simple yet carries so much with it.

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