Friday, August 15, 2014

Jennifer Wall review Elsa Mora

Elsa Mora

A native of Cuba, Elsa Mora says that her home city of El Vedado played a very important part of her career because of the energy it has a because of the good sense of humor the people of the city possess.  During the 1990's Cuba, and Mora's home town, were visited by many curators and art collectors looking for artist.  It were these visits that led to Mora's discovery.

Mora became obsessed with paper cutting when she was a child.  Her mother would not let her cut her long hair, so she made a wig out of paper with long curls.  Mora then placed it on her head and cut the wig instead of her hair.  After this she started making paper dolls and her art has transformed into something much more.  She transforms an ordinary sheet of flat paper into three dimensional, layered sculptures.  You can see the influence her homeland has on work still today.

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