Thursday, August 14, 2014

Autumn Dean/ Anish Kapoor

Anish Kapoor

            Anish is one of the best sculptors alive and one of the most important. He is even one of the best artists in history in my opinion. His use of so many different materials and forms is as long a list as any you will find.
            The first thing is his style. His style is at first glance very much looks like minimalism but look closer and think for one more moment. His style formally is very curvy and feminine. I first saw his work and thought it was a woman because of the curves and how they were so graceful like a dancer. It’s a very different take on feminine forms, but how do we define what feminist styles even are. Some of his work looks like giant lipstick and makeup powders. Another female use of items and forms. This in a way is very distorted.
             Speaking of distorted his most well known piece is in Millennium Park Chicago Illinois.  The people of Chicago call it  The Bean but that is not its real title its real title is Cloud Gate. The piece is a huge silver bean like structure in the middle of the park. The surface is polished chrome plated steel. The point of the shiny surface is to reflect the city and its people in real time back at the viewer and then in a distorted form of vision because of its shape is a bent image. Because of this surface  the upkeep is extensive and expensive.

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