Thursday, August 14, 2014

Autumn Dean/ Henrique Oliveira

Henrique Oliveira

         Henrique calls himself a “painter”. He was raised in his fathers woodshop which is now located next door to his own art studio now. He has come full circle as far as location but has moved light years away as far as artistic concept.
         He refers to himself as a painter and he is in a way. If his sculptural works were considered paintings it would only be in concept. He mostly works large scale and with wood. His work looks like large frozen forms made of liquid and the suggested movements of liquid. The painterly forms that he crafts are complex engineering feats that end up looking like thick three dimensional paint blobs. These large blob like shapes are much like that of a painter using heavy paint being manipulated with a pallet knife.
         The way that he thinks is that these scraps of wood are often old and have old paint or stain on them and this is like brush strokes of a painter adding color to a canvas that is blank or an under wash which in his work would just be a unpainted wood. Even the use of different types of wood add to the palette.
         Often the overall shape of his works look like waves and tides. This is to push wood from its rigid natural form into a more liquid state as mentioned before. Some of his work looks like cells and amebas and other simple life forms. One work looks like a large seed with roots growing out of it.

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