Friday, August 15, 2014

Alan Serna contra: Antonio Ruiz

Antonio Ruiz's work is unique among work of it's time, because we within his work we begin to see a shift in what artist are portraying in their work. No longer is the focus being placed on the past, or rural communities but cities and modernization. But as we have seen time and time again this migrational shift is often followed by a clash of cultures, The indigenous with the colonizers, the rural with the modern etc.

Much like Morado, Ruiz's paintings capture snapshots of everyday life in this evolving culture and it is through the painting that this subtle shift is document and we get to experience it second hand. We witness the growth of consumer culture, a change in dress, and a focus that begins to lean more toward the individual rather than the traditional emphasis in the community.

The aim of my work is to preserve the oldest stories and myths first and then progressively work up to my own personal stories. I feel like now that I am aware of this documentation through art however that any attempt to make it apparent in my work will feel too forced. The burden of knowing.

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