Wednesday, August 13, 2014

08 Gio Aguilar - Yoji Shinkawa

Yoji Shinkawa is a Japanese artist who created a unique, and authentic style by combing ink with paint in his works of arts.  He is well known for making the art works for the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and the Zone of Enders franchise, which are both video game franchises. His artistic style could be described as a modernization of the old Japanese style of art.  He came up with his own style, and many fans of both franchises have given positive reaction to his art style.

My favorite artwork by Shinkawa is an ink painting of Big Boss’ right side of his face.  I find this ink painting interesting because there was a video of Shinkawa working on the painting, and it took him only under 5 minutes to complete the painting.  Also it was amazing to see how Shinkawa actually made the painting.  First, he started with the lighter washes smudging it on the canvas. Then he adds the darker washes on top of the lighter washes. Afterwards he adds pure ink to fill in, and add the outlines with pure black.  This painting is just with different shades of black, but on Shinkawa’s other works such as the cyborg ninja painting has color in the painting. 

I like his works because even though you can identify the figures of the painting, they still look abstract.  You can not fully see the figures on his works, but they look like paintings coming from someone’s memories that are not that clear.  I like the way how they fade to the background.  I have a tough time handling with ink on my works, but Shinkawa’s works inspire me to keep trying, and maybe I can find a way to develop my style.       

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