Friday, August 15, 2014

10 Gio Aguilar - Frank Miller

What I find interesting about Frank Miller’s art work is that he tends to be one hundred percent involved with his own work.  Frank Miller is another comic artist, and even a film artist as well who is known for having dark, gloomy themes in his work.  I find it interesting how unique Miller’s style is because his drawings are really dark.  The best way to describe his drawings is that it is inverse with the black and white.  The black is where the white is supposed to be, and white is where the black is supposed to be.  Normally people think that comic art is children oriented, but that is not the case on Miller’s work.  Miller’s work is more adult oriented which makes it even more interested to look at.  He gives classic comic book heroes a darker, serious theme to his works as opposed to the typical G rated theme that is always given to classic comic heroes. 

With the success of Frank Miller’s original works like Sin City, and the 300 series, the demand for their film adaptations was high.  The more interesting part is that fearing that film makers would tamper or alter his original works, he decided to be involved in the making of the film.  He oversaw, and directed the films into his image.  The same unique style he put in his original works were also applied to his films.  It was his unique theme, and style that were added to the films that made them such unique, and great movies.     

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