Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ted talk (post 5 Chelsea)

Sometimes I feel like I can get stumped by technical issues, self-doubt, and criticism issues. Sometimes I run out of creativity. In her Ted Talk Julie Burstein encourages us to let go of our tensions and expectations and to pay attention to the world around us, embrace experience. She references getting off your phone and disconnecting from technology and embrace and experience the world and life around you.
Artists can create some of the most important, impactful work from the hardest moments of our life. She uses Richard Ford a famous award winning writer with dyslexia used his disability to write award winning pieces. One part of letting go of our weaknesses is to acknowledge our failures and embark on something further. Facing rejection is a tough place to stand in, but it can lead us to something greater once we let go of our failure. Sometimes our failure doesn’t even come from the technique or idea we create, but its an obstacle and restriction of rules, laws, and red tape. Passionate optimism is important to creation because it allows us to embark into imagination, solution and creativity. 


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