Wednesday, August 13, 2014

07 Gio Aguilar - Katharina Sieverding

I became interested in Katharina Sieverding’s art piece, the Transformer, because the idea behind her piece was something similar to what I have been working on for a while now.  When you look at her piece, the Transformer, you see images of her, but they have different facial expressions.  I began to believe that they probably are different attitudes, different personalities, or maybe different alter egos.  The creation of alter egos is something I have been interested in.  For Sieverding, it was not just the Transformer that shows different facial appearances, but she has it in her other art works as well by changing her features. In a way she has created all these alter egos, and has been on them for a while now.  It was through her art works, the Transformer more specifically that I began to create different alter egos that represented a part of myself.  Seeing how Sieverding’s characters were different, they were still part of her, and represented her in some way.  My alter egos may be different by having different attitudes, and different appearances, but they are still a part of me, and represent me in some way.  I feel like it is a good thing to have an alter ego in the art world because by having an alter ego it makes things more interesting, and I feel like your mind alters in creating better art.  With an alter ego I tend to be more creative in my art, and it gives me a whole different attitude in a way that helps me look at my art differently.     

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