Friday, August 15, 2014

Leigh Callaway- Dorothée Baumann 4

        First impressions: a broken doll, a gaping void in its back, tossed into the street… Then: a mirror, a face-like blank slate, reflecting nothing… Slowly you start to realize a real body, a girl or a woman, holding a mirror to her face for protection. We know that the old adage of the face mirrors the soul. In the piece " Facing You" we miss out on the face but seem to be called to recognize ourselves in the piece. I enjoy that this piece brings along the audience in the story with a woman who refuses to view her reflection or is asking the viewer to look at your own reflection. I also like that her work has its broad range of things, she seems to find a way to make everyday things that aren't considered important, important. Like wire connections and boxes with instructions, i enjoy the amount of detail you seem to pay attention to when it is presented like she does. 

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