Friday, August 15, 2014

Leigh Callaway- Arthur Tress 1

      Arthur Tress, has a different way of setting up the scene in his photographs. It was stated that he never really looked at the people he decided to photograph, be he saw deeper into into you problems into your secrets. What ever lies below the surface of your "happy" family, life, lover. Tress takes enormous chances and making new demands on what traditional ideas of what a photographic portrait might be. Always taking risk in his work.
       He would get under skin and upset you in the best way possible. When he took photographs of you and your friend or lover you will find yourself acting, perform in Arthur Tress theater and the drama will seem fun until it hits you what message he was really trying to send. It became an experience to be felt and understood. Some of his photographs seems to be a moment in a argument we aren't suppose to be viewing, or a strange moment of interaction between two people.  His works covered the ideals of oppression, the child, death. liberation , complicity in a very theatrical way.

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