Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chelsea- Garry Winogrand, true photography inspiration (post 1)

Garry Winogrand is a legend of street photography and a true inspiration to all photographers. Although his style or subject matter may not be similar to someone's aesthetic, but his work ethic and passion should be admired by all serious photographers. 

"In total (on the low end) we can be certain that he shot at least 5,850,000 photos in his lifetime. He passed away and never saw nearly half a million of his shots (432,000 photos) and in his archive they have around 5,418,000 photos." Within his lifespan and photography career, that's about 400 images shot per day.

I admire Gary Winogrand's aesthetic as well because he is a street photographer and captures the social landscape and documents people and places across the country. I am interested in recording places and people through time to share with my viewers. After researching Gary Winogrand I have new goals every time I shoot: first, shoot everything at every angle, distance, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure combo as possible because its better to be over prepared, than scrambling last minute for shots; second, interact with my subjects to make more comfortable natural photos.

This blog about Garry Winogrand is a great general set of Commandments Every photographer should take to heart.



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