Wednesday, August 13, 2014

08 Randi Medina- Alexa Meade

This next work is pretty awesome. Alexa Meade is a Los Angeles based artist. She has gained international fame for her incredible work. She literally turns people into art by painting on them with acrylic paints in a way that optically flattens them into 2dimensional paintings. Meade explains the inspiration for this concept came about from her fascination for shadows and studying of shadows. She was a political science major who had just graduated and only had painting as a hobby. She used this method as a way of practicing painting, and took it to the next level. For Meade, this hobby quickly turned into a passion of pretty amazing work. She also did a series of works in which she painted her friend in milk. They involve her friend being painted on in acrylic paint and laying down in a pool of milk as she photographed her. Meade explains that this process was frustrating because the paint would dissolve in the milk, but it also created some beautiful images of completely unexpected change to be embraced.  I think Alexa Meade's work is extremely innovative. She is cutting off the canvas completely and pushing painting to a whole new dimension. Her work is proof that in art there are no boundaries or limits. In my opinion they also spread a message that everyone can be living works of art and everyone can be an artist in their own way.

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