Friday, August 15, 2014

Jennifer Wall reviews Kim Keev

Kim Keever

A romantic "painter of light," Kim Keever continues the tradition of landscape photography in an evolved form of the genre.  Keever creates staged scenery and miniature topographies a 200 gallon fish tank and captures them with his camera for his large scale photographs.  A NASA Engineer turned artist, Keever has been called a "hydroponic Jackson Pollock" by Wired because of his technique of drizzling paint, except he drizzles into water instead of on a canvas.  The Sears Easy Living paints he uses only hold up for 5 to 20 minutes in water before the begin to diffuse and turn the water into a murky brown color.  Keever says, "they only need to hold p for that ephemeral moment, and then it doesn't matter."

Keever's art career started in 1970's New York and moved from imaginary scenes to the abstract dispersion of liquid 20 years later, which has become his trademark. 

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