Friday, August 15, 2014

Azure Ramos - Annie Sprinkle

I really admire what Annie does. Sex is such a taboo topic, specifically in this country, that is very easy to be labeled a "slut" if you take any kinf of interest in a healthy sex life, or even discussing it. Annie Sprinkle takes this a gigantic step further and goes as far as to use her own body as a educational, artistic, and social tool to begin a discussion about sexual ignorance. I'm sure to many people, this could be viewed as perverted as this woman is encouraging as many people as possible to have an up close expierence with her who-ha. Which is kind of the point i guess. Annie's work and the recations she gets from them comment on the amount of people who are uncomfortable with the naked body (or rather the BODY) and to such a great extent. In many ways, Annie is picking up where societial insinuations have failed the masses (i.e. public school sex education.)
Annie is also a great example of modern Feminism. Too often I encounter people who seem to have the idea that if you are a feminist than you must hate men, or that you are find reasons to feel excluded, or that you're a prude. Not many understand that you can be fufilled sexually and be open about it and still have strong convictions and standards.
On that note and in closing I would like to share a song by Nellie McKay called Mother of Pearl.

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