Friday, August 15, 2014

Victoria Morales - John Coplans

I've chosen to look at John Coplans' work to focus on the textures created by the skin. I am very interested in macro photography and the detail that comes with working so closely to objects and people. Getting this close to a person the viewer is obligated to pay attention to the small details of others that usually go unnoticed. 
Coplans more often then not used himself as a model. He printed in large scale causing these detail to be even more up-close and personal to the viewer. John Coplans was able to photography many parts of the body including hands, feed, torso, back and other areas of the body. The Carl Solway Gallery stated that by Coplan taking the images so large and close up he turned the skin into a malleable object, as a sculpture. I personally fell that causing the viewer to look at an object in a different way forces the viewer to pay closer attention to the object.

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