Thursday, August 14, 2014

09 Gio Aguilar - Alex Ross

Alex Ross is a well known American comic book artist. Normally, comic style art tends to be two dimensional, animated, and cartoonish.  What Alex Ross does is that he takes comic art to whole another level.  He draws or paints these comic superheroes such as Batman and Superman, and makes theses characters look as realistic as possible rather than a two dimensional cartoon look.  One particular piece that I like from Alex Ross is his Superman painting. 

This painting of Superman is not the typical cartoon look, but it looks more realistic, and more three dimensional.  You can see the different shades of the skin tone that looks almost as realistic as a real human being’s skin tone.  Also the folds of his clothing look realistic as well.  This painting almost shows what the character Superman would look like if he actually existed in real life.  Also the black background gives the character so much contrast that it is making him shine. Another painting I that also has that high contrast is the painting of the Joker and Harley Quinn.  This is another comic character painting that looks realistic. Also the brightness of the red and white really stand out on both characters. Both are amazing pieces that take away the traditional comic style of art, and are instead turned into a more darker, and a more realistic painting. 


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