Friday, August 15, 2014

Introducing H. Jennings Shefields (chelsea post 6)

H. Jennings Shefield's Tethered series is an interesting social documentary series about her life and experiences. For three months she recorded her life every thirty minutes and takes the images and merges all the images from the same day of the week from each week within a 2-4 hour time range. difference. each vertical pixel line represents a specific time.

This is an interesting way to record your life. As living beings, we follow one of the Laws of Darwinism: we adapt, change, grow, move. Her concept is interesting and I like the ideas she shares within this particular series

I am going to adopt part of her process by shooting as much in a day as possible, I plan on setting a goal for myself to capture 800 images per day to encourage myself to shoot as much as I possibly can!

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